Protect your Numbers

You need to not only own but CONTROL your numbers

We keep YOUR numbers under YOUR control

Its your business and your phone numbers, why give control of them to your Telco. Neutral Numbers allow you the business owner to have full control over your numbers.

It is common practice when setting up your business phone system for your telecommunications supplier to have full control over your numbers. Great while things are going good but not so great when it turns bad. With Neutral Numbers  you can point your number to any provider or destination point. Never be tied to a provider your not happy with ever again.

Reseller Solutions

We supply all the tools needed to administer your clients numbers. You can purchase the numbers on behalf of your clients and have full operational control of them from within your own Reseller Control Panel.

Your client will love the fact that they own their numbers and have ultimate control of them. That freedom and assurance alleviates your clients pressing concerns that their numbers can be held to ransom by their provider.