We provide two Sip Trunking Service Options

Sip Trunking as a Service

Using our Sip Trunking Service we can connect your telephone system to our network for access to the PSTN “public switched telephone network”.

We assign your numbers to your Sip Trunk so you can make and receive incoming calls at very competitive prices, if you have some numbers in other locations other than your physical office location then we receive calls as well as send  via the Sip Trunk as outgoing calls from these locations.

Hosted Sip Trunking

Our Hosted Sip Trunking Services allows you to bring your own Sip Trunk that is being supplied by another carrier to us and terminate it on our network, this is useful for a variety of reasons for example companies looking to resell telecommunication services, companies supplying call tracking and call analytics services who need access to detailed call records, call centres with high traffic volumes, International telecommunication companies looking for a gateway to Australia or New Zealand PSTN Services, plus many more …