Pre Pay Sip Trunk Service

Pre Pay Sip Trunks are the lowest cost Sip Trunk Services we offer and also have the lowest calling rates making them a very popular service, with a pre pay Sip Trunk we can have you up and running immediately, once you fill out and submit the application online an account will be setup and you will receive the Sip Trunk access details via email.

During the application process you will be able to stipulate a notification low balance amount, when your account balance drops below this value then you will automatically receive an email notifying you to add more credit to your account, this can be done via our top up form, you can also setup up and auto up so that this happens automatically.

You account balance will decrease as calls are being made and on the 1st of each month your monthly rental fees are deducted from your remaining balance.

We also provide you with access to your own online portal which shows all your calls made in real time as well as your payment history.

Monthly Fee
Monthly Sip Trunk Rental – $9.00 + GST per channel
Single Telephone Numbers – $1.50 + GST per number
100 Number Range Block – $65.00 + GST per block

Porting Fees (only required if you are porting number to us)
Single Number – $50.00 + GST
100 Number Range Block – $250.00 + GST

To port numbers to us you need to fill in the number porting application from, a link to this form will be provided in a confirmation email you will receive after you place your order.

Calling Rates
Local Calls – .10c / call
National – .10c / call
1800 – Free
13/1300 – $..30c / call
Mobile – $.12c / min

If you require assistance connecting to our Sip Trunk Service  you can email us at support@ppenterprisegroup.com and one of our very experienced engineers will assist you.

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